Darragh McAllister

President, Ennis Chamber

I am delighted to take on the role of President of Ennis Chamber. No doubt it will be challenging, especially in this climate, but I’m up for it.

The past 12 months have been among the most challenging in living memory, for both business and private life. The spectre of March 2020 continues to haunt us in new and varied ways. What many have lost can never be replaced, and without a doubt, how we live, work and conduct business has changed irrevocably. However, the spirit of the Chamber is one strengthened by challenge and change.

Recovery, in 2021, will not mean a return to business as it was, rather it will mean once again finding our feet in a new reality and ensuring we have a strong stance from which to move forward.

As a Chamber, I believe it is up to us to lead the charge in facing these challenges. I also believe that the Esprit de Corps that keeps the Chamber going is based on our ability, both as a group and as individual business people, to learn and to change. If there is to be a new world then we should not only embrace it but become pioneers.

By listening, leading and lobbying for ‘Recovery and Growth’, our aim is for Ennis Chamber to make a positive mark on the local economy in 2021.



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