Ennis Street Radio 2020

Ennis Street Radio springs to life again on Friday, December 11, to bring festive cheer to the town on this its10th anniversary year.

This year, more than any other over the past decade, the town and its shoppers need a lift and the 2020 version of the annual festival of yuletide tunes on the streets, aims to put a pep in the step of people going about their business on the streets of Ennis this year.

The Ennis Street Radio project is headed by local broadcaster Ger Sweeney and is run with the support of the Ennis Chamber of Commerce, Ennis Municipal District, and the traders of the town. Also on board to offer their support to Ennis Street Radio and in particular to local businesses this year is Local Enterprise Office Clare.

Between December 11 – 24, Ennis Street Radio will feature and promote as many local businesses as possible. Ger Sweeney commented that while encouraging people to shop local has been the primary message each year, this year that message will be hammered home.

Operating from the offices of Ennis Chamber at 54 O’Connell Street, for the duration, as with previous years Ennis Street Radio can be heard online via the Ennis Chamber of Commerce website at www.ennischamber.ie.

The online facility allows listeners to bring the Street Radio into the office/shop or home and more importantly it might bring people together, to allow them, especially those unable to come home this festive season.

Suggestions and comments can be sent to Ger Sweeney directly by email at ennisstreetradio@gmail.com.

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