6th November 2020

Workshop on Managing Stress in the Workplace


We all know how stressful this year is proving to be and the stress continues to mount. Into this environment, LEO Clare will deliver a workshop on ‘Managing Stress in the Workplace’ on Thursday November 19.

Delivered by the HR Suite this course aims to enable managers and employees to recognise the signs of stress, including physical and emotional signs, the causes of stress and to give managers and employees the tools to reduce workplace stress.

Stress impacts negatively on productivity, employee relations and motivation and job satisfaction. Its causes include workload, resources, interpersonal conflict, change and uncertainty.

The content of this workshop will cover self-care tips, PAUSE technique and the tools to better engage, including communication, connection, compassion, and clarification.

The learning outcomes are focused on helping participants become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, to be better equipped to deal with stress in the workplace.

To register for a FREE place, follow this link:


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