12th February 2021

Who will continue to qualify for rates waiver ?


The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage recently announced a commercial rates waiver for the first quarter of 2021 (25% of the annual rate bill). It will take the form of a credit in lieu of commercial rates on the rate payers accounts.

This new Rates Waiver Scheme is to continue the supports available for ratepayers, in recognition of the impact of the ongoing trajectory of COVID 19. This 3-month waiver has modified criteria and accordingly is a separate, standalone waiver scheme from last year’s scheme.

Clare County Council has advised Ennis Chamber that the eligibility criteria of this new scheme is much stricter that prior schemes.

The below reflects  rate payers  who will continue to qualify for  exemption.

Any business category not listed within same will be excluded.

Eligible Categories
Miscellaneous Entertainment
Non Essential Retail (Shops and Warehouse)
Essential Retail (excluding Large Supermarkets, greater than 500M2)
Service Stations
Personal Care

Per the terms of the waiver process Clare County Council will send letters to all business in the excluded category in the coming days and will inform them of the right of appeal. The strict qualifying criteria for appeal will be outlined on the letter.

Please find attached FAQ’s  document in relation to the scheme for your reference.

FAQs for Fin 01 2021 Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021.doc

Also attached is a list of businesses (by type) that will be granted rates waiver

Appen C Commercial rates waiver Q1 2021

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