16th December 2020

Westland Health offer 15-minute turnaround Covid-19 antigen testing


Westland Health has been established by a group of healthcare professionals to bring rapid, affordable testing for the Covid-19 virus. At €35 per test, Westland Health are offering a 15 minute turnaround time on test results.

Headquartered in Carmody Street, Ennis, Westland Health offer a nationwide testing service. Whether you are a business looking to bring Anitgen testing to your workplace, are home for Christmas or planning to travel, Westland Health can provide the ideal testing solution.

A spokesperson for Westland Health explained, “Rapid antigen testing is a helpful diagnostic to test for Covid-19 in order to identify positive cases in a quick and easy manner.  The test involves a swab taken from inside the nose and is then assessed onsite within 15 minutes in order to determine if Covid-19 antigens are present in the person tested.

He added, “Westland Health also has the unique offering of bringing antigen testing to your workplace anywhere in Ireland.  Our nurses conduct testing onsite, with results available in just 15 minutes”.

Margaret O’Brien, CEO Ennis Chamber, has this week welcomed Westland Health as Ennis Chamber’s newest member. “We wish them success with their very affordable, HPRA approved antigen testing service.  It will offer peace of mind to many. “

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