18th September 2017

Welcome new member Dr. Laura Murillo of Leeunwenhoek Health Screening

A shift from fighting disease to prevention Changing health trends, demographics and incidence of chronic lifestyle-related diseases affect our society. But fortunately, we are seeing a gradual shift from treating diseases to a proactive disease prevention and promotion of wellness.  Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and cancer are of a chronic nature and come with high health, economic and emotional costs. All good reasons to be more health conscious and more aware of the benefits of proactive health management.  With the aim of “Making Prevention Popular”, Leeuwenhoek offers its service from Monday to Saturday from early in the morning (8 am and 9 am on Saturdays) on 64 O’Connell Street in Ennis. Leeuwenhoek offers affordable blood and urine tests and affordable Health Screening including blood taking, in-house testing and analysis of the samples using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and reporting of the results within 72 hours. All of this without the need of a doctor’s referral or health insurance. Our services are currently recognised by Irish Life. Leeuwenhoek’s Health Screening Packages are designed to fit screening needs according to age, gender or disease. This allows identifying risks of common and serious diseases or conditions in their earliest stages, even before symptoms begin. The tests are the same medically accepted lab tests ordered by GP’s and other healthcare providers and are performed in compliance with ISO 15189 and GLP quality and competence standards. Test results are reported in an easy to understand format which includes reference (normal) ranges applicable to your age and gender. Any abnormality (result outside normal range) is highlighted with comments and recommended the follow-up. The concept of Leeuwenhoek Health Screening is about easy and direct accessibility without unnecessary barriers, convenience, flexibility, high quality, fast-turnaround and up-to-date with the latest findings in health care. Accessible health screening testing promotes greater involvement in one’s own healthcare, creates health awareness and encourages healthy lifestyles which result in prevention improving your quality of life. Dr Laura Murillo is an Irish registered medical scientist and director of Leeuwenhoek. As microbiologist and clinical chemist she performed clinical science research in Ireland for more than 9 years. She has a doctoral degree in immunogenetics of chronic and inflammatory diseases from The Netherlands and holds several Irish certificates including venepuncture. She has more than 20 years’ experience as a scientist in Ireland and abroad. “

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