12th July 2018

The Fleadh is Coming Home!

Munster Fleadh arrives in Ennis  July 15 – 22

Ennis is on track to re-create the carnival atmosphere of the All-Ireland Fleadh 2016 and 2017 with street sessions, pub sessions, Gig Rig, Concerts, workshops and competitions, to celebrate Munster Fleadh 2018.

Ennis was awarded the status of Irelands Friendliest Place and it is also renowned for its year-round trad scene, with many regarding it as the Trad Session Capital of Ireland. Consequently, although the Munster Fleadh is typically more focussed on competitions and workshops, the organisers anticipate that because of its location in Ennis this year, there will be a big carry-over from the All-Ireland Fleadhanna of previous years, which attracted record crowds to the town. Hotels and guesthouses are already solidly booked with reports of visitors returning from as far away as Japan.

In a big boost for the town and for the Munster Fleadh – Fleadh TV will  broadcast live from Ennis on Sunday, July 22nd at 8.30pm bringing Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan to households across Ireland   on TG4. The Fleadh TV studio will be located on Lower Market Street.

The gig rig, located in Abbey Street Car Park will be in full session from Friday evening July 20 – to Sunday night July 22 (10.30pm). Expect to hear great sessions in the pubs and on the streeets that weekend.

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