12th November 2020

Shannon Airport introduces Express Covid-19 testing centre

Shannon Airport this week introduced an express Covid-19 testing centre, delivered by  Irish healthcare company RocDoc.

RocDoc’s express turnaround testing facility at Shannon Airport will provide pre-departure testing for passengers flying out of the airports in accordance with the EU’s traffic light system.

The facility will also provide private testing services to the public, with test results available within just a few hours.

RocDoc  provides Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) approved CE marked tests using PCR and LAMP technology.

Before the pandemic, RocDoc had provided field hospital units for music festivals and concerts in the UK and Ireland.

RocDoc use the LAMP method of testing as results are usually available within just a few hours. They also provide tests using PCR method. The prices for the service start at €149 per test.

The focus is to provide testing for passengers flying in and out of Shannon Airport, but the facility is also open to members of the public who wish to have a test or local businesses who want to keep staff safe.

Since opening the country’s first drive-thru testing centre in Ashbourne in August, RocDoc report they have been inundated with enquiries from all over Ireland.”

RocDoc operates a patient portal where those who require a test sign up  and you choose a centre. That centre then communicates and provides updates with the person having the test.

The recommendation for those required to travel outside of Ireland for work, is to get a test done up to 72 hours before flight departure.

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