15th March 2024

Prestigious Tattoo Convention headed for Ennis



  • Ennis Tattoo Convention 2024 takes place at Treacy’s West County Hotel March 23 – 24
  • Over 120 International and National Tattoo Artists Participating
  • 1,500 Visitors Anticipated


Ennis is getting ready to once again welcome over 120 international and national tattoo artists and up to 1500 visitors to Treacy’s West County Hotel, to attend Ennis Tattoo Convention, one of Ireland’s most prestigious and popular Tattoo Conventions, which takes place on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24.

World famous Los Angeles based tattoo model and TV presenter Bernadette Macias will anchor the convention, which will feature  tattoo artists from USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark and the UK.  The calibre and ambition of Ennis Tattoo Convention, underpinned by the quality and reputation of the celebrated tattoo artists in attendance, will attract over 1,500 tattoo enthusiasts from all over Ireland and the world to Ennis, providing a much-needed economic boost for the county town.

Full Entertainment Programme

An action-packed weekend has been scheduled with tattoo artists tattooing live, and available for appointments, along with a full entertainment programme of live music, DJs, side shows and exciting competitions. Organisers Roy Keane and Sylvia Butkiewicz stress  this is a family-friendly event, with child friendly tattoos and face painting also available.

Roy Keane, said, “The Tattoo Convention started life in Limerick, but last year we moved to Ennis and although initially on a temporary basis, Ennis proved such a successful venue that we made the decision to host a permanent Ennis Tattoo Convention.”

Artistic Talent

Roy added, “We are very excited to bring so many international artists, and the best of Irish talent together for two days of world-class tattooing and fun. This convention represents an enormous amount of artistic talent and a massive variety of styles of work.  In the past, we’ve had people travel from as far as New Zealand just to meet their favourite tattoo artist. Whether you’re looking to get inked by award-winning artists or you’re simply curious, you are welcome to come along to watch, learn and enjoy the entertainment.”

Ennis Tattoo Convention gives visitors a unique opportunity to meet a broad range of artists in one place where you can chat with them, ask questions, see their portfolio and perhaps most exciting, can see them working live and book an appointment.

Ennis Tattoo Convention is supported by Shannon Region Conference & Sports Bureau, while locally in Ennis, it has the support of Ennis Chamber of Commerce.  CEO Margaret O’Brien said, “Having this Tattoo Convention in Ennis marks a great win for the town. We congratulate the team at Treacy’s West County for securing this convention for Ennis. It’s very positive news. We are also grateful to Roy Keane, Sylvia Butkiewicz and their organising team for bringing quality business to Ennis, and in doing so, for raising awareness of Ennis as an excellent conference destination.”


Tattoo Convention Programme


Day 1 – Saturday, March 23

11:00                    Doors Open

11:15                    DJ Show

12:00                   Artists Introduction with host Bernadette Macias

13:00                    Sin City Sideshow

14:30:                   Magic Steve

16:00                    Live Music: Thiz Lizzy

19:00                    Tattoo Competitions: Best Small Black and Best Small Colour

20:00                    Sin City Sideshow

21:00                    Tattoo Competitions: Best of Saturday


Day 2 – Sunday, March 24

11:00                    Doors Open

11:15                    DJ Show

13:30                    Magic Steve

14:30                    Sin City Sideshow

15:30                    Tattoo Competitions: Best Traditional, Best Japanese, Best Abstract

16:30                    Live show

17:30                    Tattoo Competitions: Best Large Colour, Best Large B&G, Best Neo-Traditional, Best Fineline

19:00                    Live Music

19:30:                  Tattoo competitions: Best Black Work, Ornamental, Best Realism, Best of Sunday, Best of Show

20:30:                  Doors Close





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