24th August 2021

New training programmes starting this autumn from LEO Clare


LEO Clare is offering a variety of interesting and topical training programmes starting this autumn.  These programmes are sure to be popular so our advice at Ennis Chamber is to book your place soon!

Some of the highlight programmes include: 


Start Your Own Business Programme

Venue:  Online via Zoom

Date:     06/09/2019

Time:    6.00pm – 9.00pm

Cost:     €40 (6 Week Programme)

If you have  a business idea  you want to develop, are looking at self-employment as a realistic career option or have recently started a business, this programme is for you.

It will guide you through the various aspects of business and business planning, incl. finance, revenue, sales, marketing and more. The objective is to assist you in assessing your idea, its viability and to decide if you should proceed or take a step back.

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Beginners Guide to using INSTAGRAM to market your business


Venue:  Online via Zoom

Date:     15/09/2021

Time:     1.30pm – 4.30pm

Cost:     €20


This online training course will explain what Instagram is and how to use it to market your business.


*             How to ensure your account is setup correctly from a marketing point of view

*             What you could / should be posting

*             How to post

*             What are Instagram Stories and how they can be used for marketing

*             How to grow your followers


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Managing your Online Business



Venue:  Online via Zoom

Date:     30/09/2021

Time:     10.00am- 12.00pm

Cost:     €20


This online workshop has been designed to give business owners practical tips to manage their online businesses and stores. Many business owners have found themselves faced with the opportunity of a new revenue stream and a diversified business model.


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How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram (Level 1)


Venue:  Online via Zoom

Date:     11/10/2021

Time:     6.00- 9.00pm

Cost:     €20


This course will explain how Facebook and Instagram Adverts work and how you could use it as a low cost highly targeted tool to promote your new business and affordable way to get into the newsfeed of thousands of potential customer for just a few Euros.


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