Shannon Estuary Way Retreat

Hospitality & Tourism
Our Vision of the ideal wellness Retreat Center

I Had a vision about a retreat center back in 2016. While staying at home during lockdown in 2020, I found great strength and peace from being surrounded and connected to all nature’s elements, water, Mountains, islands, Mature Woodlands, panoramic views of the Estuary, and surrounding rolling hills of the countryside on our sacred piece of land. Our vision was propelled forward to create the ideal wellness retreat center where others could also allow the peace, tranquillity, and rejuvenating stillness offered here. A place lovingly curated by us to give you a sense of time slowing down as you return to your true self and enhance the benefits of your own health and wellbeing

What you will experience

  • Deep Healing Relaxation
  • Self-reflection
  • Seasonal Delicious Meal (and dessert)
  • Personal Development
  • Sound Bath
  • Blissful Meditation
  • Therapeutic Breathwork
  • Nurturing Inspiring Yoga for all levels
  • Private 1:1
  • Couples retreats
  • Team building events
  • Work bonding days
  • Carefully Crafted Classes to Rejuvenate your nervous system
  • Eco Outdoor spa area
  • Eco Hot tub
  • Eco Barrel Sauna
  • Cold water plunge pool


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