Magpie 6 Media

Professional Services

Magpie 6 Media was founded in 2009 by wife and husband team Christina O’Shea
and Clifford Parrott. The Studio creates, develops and produces animated, live
action, and mixed media projects for family, pre-school, and preteen audiences for
feature film, TV, Web series, and shorts using 2D, 3D, Hybrid 2D/3D, and Stop
Motion techniques.

The duo have written, directed, produced, and animated
projects for clients such as RTÉjr, Disney, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros to
name but a few. The studio collaborates with all size companies and is dedicated to
delivering their finest work no matter how micro the project might be.

Magpie 6 Media’s overall vision is to build upon their success, and keep producing beautifully
animated family shows and innovating to be ahead of the curve of the changes in the
entertainment industry.

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