Le Chéile

Le Cheile
Hospitality & Tourism

Hassetts Bar has been at the cross of Barefield village spanning over 4 generations. After 2021 Pandemic, the family choose to re-invest the original premises to suit the ever changing population, to create a space for people to meet over Coffee or Tea with a little Sweet Treats and thankfully it is exactly what was needed.

Opening during lock down in May 2021 as a Take Away Coffee Dock, we then built on an extensive outside area when outdoor dining came into play and in Feb 2022 established our Cafe where we are so delighted to offer a range from Breakfast, Lunch – hot and cold, and not to mention our SOS Cookies – a firm Favourite with all customers.

With our spacious parking, friendly service, we pride ourselves in providing you with a place where “Good Food isn’t complicated and Good Coffee can be enjoyed”

We look forward to welcoming you at Le Chéile.



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