11th May 2015

Low Pay Commission Meetings

It is the intention of the Low Pay Commission, over time, to meet with representative groups and interested parties.  It is expected that meetings will take place both in Dublin and in regional centres around the country, to allow the members of the Commission to get a sense of the issues that impact on the minimum wage ‘on the ground’, either for individuals who are in low pay jobs or for businesses operating in a labour-intensive area.

It is planned to hold the first such meeting in Galway, on 25 May.  In this regard you are invited to indicate if you, or members of your organisation (the Commission members would like to meet regional representatives in particular), would be interested in meeting with members of the Commission on the day to further discuss the issues that are of interest or concern to you in relation to the minimum wage. Chambers Ireland would urge Chambers to engage with the Low Pay Commission at these regional meetings.

Timeslots will be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  The venue for the meetings (likely to be close to the city centre) will be advised at a later date. In order to arrange a meeting, please email


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