27th July 2015

Limerick and Clare’s Education and Training Board

Are you interested in providing an opportunity for your employees to upskill or develop new skills for work?

Limerick and Clare’s Education and Training Board’s Workplace Basic Education Service provides opportunities for learners to upskill/reskill locally at their own pace in small groups, QQI certification is available and there are no exams! This service provides courses for people who wish to develop new skills in response to changing/increasing workplace demands. Courses are designed specifically for each group, based on the basic skills needs of the group and the requirements of their workplace: e.g. IT, communications and customer care, food hygiene, retail skills, stock control, digital media, workplace calculations, culinary operations, prep for promotion, admin skills, prep for SPSV exam or prep for regulatory requirements.

Courses are also provided for those who wish to gain employment. These ‘preparation for work’ programmes combine essential workplace skills with a vocational focus, e.g. IT for admin, culinary operations, retail and catering skills or hospitality skills.

All class groups are small, free, local and can be scheduled to suit your operations.

  • Resources used are workplace-relevant and developed based on real work environment requirements
  • Problem-solving and teamwork is an integral part of most courses
  • Essential basic skills are integrated into all courses, literacy, numeracy, ICT, Soft skills – confidence building, interpersonal skills, communication skills, coping with change


Some sample courses are:

  • Retail Skills—customer care, legislation, stock control, H&S, IT for retail
  • Catering skills—HACCP, culinary techniques, nutrition, stock control, H&S
  • Workplace technology – word, internet, online form-filling, e-mail, excel for stock control/accounts, digital media
  • Workplace English – spoken and written workplace English


To discuss or for further details contact: Margot Walsh, LCETB: 087 3710317; margot.walsh@lcetb




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