22nd July 2022

Irish Water imminent communication to business owners

Irish Water will shortly issue a number of communications to business customers . These communications will include separate letters in relation to Annual Quantity, the transition of customers to year two of the new non domestic charges and information on new charges for public group water schemes.

Below is a short explanation on the different types of communication to business customers and details about how to get more information or to query.

  1. Annual Quantity Letter (Issued to all business customers):

This letter issued to all business customers will outline the Annual Quantity (AQ) and the tariff band that will be applied at the start of each new water year 1st October. The AQ calculates the volume of water supplied and/or wastewater collected over a prior 12 month period. The AQ assigns each metered connection to a tariff class for the following tariff year and determines the corresponding tariffs which that connection will be charged.

For example a metered connection with an AQ below 1,000m3 availing of water supply only services will be assigned to band 1 and charged a standing charge of €43.76 and volumetric rate of €1.87/m3. The vast majority of customers will see no change to their tariff band and will have no action to take.

Any customer who are unhappy with the proposed AQ will be able to appeal to Irish Water for a change by filling out an AQ form online at


2. Letter on transition to year 2 of the new tariffs (Issued to business customers who were eligible for transition only)

This letter will go to all businesses who were eligible for transition to the new non domestic tariffs, when they went live in October 2021. The vast majority of customers have already fully transitioned to the new tariffs and will see no further change to charges. Those customers who are in year two of transition will receive a letter outlining the change in charges as they transition from Year 1 to Year 2.

Should business owners have any queries in relation to the charges, Irish Water will have a dedicated team in place to support. See details here:

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