27th February 2020

Home Building Finance Ireland Update

Home Building Finance Ireland has published its Year 1 Update (end of January 2019 – end of January 2020) in its mission of assisting in the delivery of new homes via funding for residential development projects across the country.

Highlights include:

€114m in total funding has been approved to date
34 units is the average unit size to date
18 facilities have been approved to date
616 units have been approved to be funded

About HBFI 

HBFI was established to assist in the delivery of new homes by providing funding for residential development projects throughout the country. In particular, HBFI targets builders/developers who may be outside the lending parameters as set by pillar banks (including location) or who may find that the terms being offered by alternative lenders not suitable to them.

HBFI is a commercial entity, wholly owned by the Minister for Finance and has its own independent Board. HBFI has €730m of available funding and the ability to raise a similar level
on the markets should the need arise.


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