7th March 2016

Have your say on the National Minimum Wage for 2017

The Low Pay Commission advises the Government on the appropriate rate of the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and is seeking submissions from interested parties on their experience of the increase in the National Minimum Wage since January 2016.

A number of employers and sector representative organisations have made submissions to the Low Pay Commission including Retail Excellence Ireland and the Irish Hotel Federation.

Ennis Chambers is considering making a submissions to the LPC through Chambers Ireland so we are seeking feedback from Members by Monday the 7th of March. We would like responses to the following questions:

  • Has the the increase in the Minimum Wage since January 1st 2016 resulted in an increased cost to their payroll and if so by what percentage?
  • Has the increase in the Minimum Wage impacted on your business operation or any expansion plans?
  • Will you business be reviewing the number of employees or the hours they work as a result of the increase in the Minimum Wage?
  • Is there any other comments you wish to make in relation to the Minimum Wage?

Please email your feedback to Rita McInerney, CEO by Wednesday the 9th of March.

Further information on this consultation can be found here:

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