30th March 2017

Harvest Time in our Polytunnel!

October 2016

                                                                        Poly Tunnel Before 2












November 2016

Poly Tunnel After 5

March 2017

DSCF0569 (002)












As you can see from the pictures there has been huge progress in the polytunnel in the Ennis West Area.

In the tunnel at present we have a variety of fruit and vegetables growing which consists of Garlic, Onions, Broad Beans, Lettuce, Purple Carrots, Chilli’s, Cabbage, sweet corn, selection of peppers and tomatoes. In our outside beds we have 3 selections of Potatoes, baby turnips, wild garlic, chives, lemon balm, raspberries, gooseberries, white currants, blackcurrants and red currants all growing. On the outside we have two pear trees growing along the side wall. This technique is called Espalier. Along with a great produce of fruit the trees will give seasonal interest to the walls of the garden.

Over the last few weeks the Ennis Chamber Staff and supervisor have taken part in a horticulture course run by Mark Flahive from the CLDC. We would like to thank Mark for his help and in-depth knowledge.

On a final note a huge thanks and well done has to go to the staff of Ennis Chamber for all their hard work in the continuing development of the area.


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