6th July 2015

Government’s Supporting SMEs Campaign Speakers

The aim of Supporting SMEs Campaign is to help Irish businesses be better aware of the Government supports available to them. As part of the Government’s Supporting SMEs Campaign, Government has put together a panel of Government experts who can come and speak to your members. These experts are mainly from the area of ‘accessing finance’ which is the area they get the most requests for. We have a team of people who travel the country advising on the following:


•             if you are looking for a small level loan, up to €25,000 (Microfinance Ireland)

•             what you can do if your loan is initially refused by the bank (Credit Review Office)

•             how to get a loan from the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI)

•             how the Supporting SMEs Online Tool works and tips about using it to access over 80 Government supports (Supporting SMEs Campaign)


So if you are having an event, for your members, you can contact them at to start a conversation about how they could possibly add to your event.


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