9th June 2023

Government Bonds present a great opportunity for low-risk investors

Darach Honan of Honan Financial Services urges those seeking low risk investment to take a close look at Government Bonds as an option.

According to Darach, “With the recent move to higher ECB base rates and corresponding move in Government Bonds (lower bond prices & higher yields) – Government Bonds present a great opportunity for low-risk investors who wish to protect their cash savings from the cost of inflation.”

“Inflation has run high over the past couple of years, and this has eaten into the cash reserves of Irish households and businesses. Due to rate hikes by the ECB, Irish Government bonds now offer a good opportunity for medium-term, low-risk investors to make a return on their money.”

Darach highlights particularly good value in the four-year bond which matures in 2027.

“Take as an an investment of €250,000 into this bond. This investment provides a net return after tax and fees of €20,808. This is far superior to close to zero return you would receive on deposit with the banks and the investment is guaranteed by the Irish Government.”

If you have any questions on how to avail of this opportunity, get in touch with Darach Honan
at or 087-1277155.



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