27th January 2022

Further resourcing of planning authorities welcomed

Speaking after the launch of the Housing for All Q4 Progress Report today (26 January 2022), Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot, welcomed the announcement of further resourcing of planning authorities across the country, and said, “The expansion of resources for An Bord Pleanála will be key to delivering the ambitious housing targets in “Housing for All” and they are also of the utmost importance for ensuring that the infrastructural investment in our National Development Plan can be built efficiently.

If we are to be able to achieve our 2030 climate action targets, this decade will see an enormous transformation in the built environment of our cities and towns.

Effective delivery of Government policies like “Housing for All” and “Town Centre First” will be critically important if we are to maintain a sustainable growth trajectory for our economy and our society.

Expanding the capacity of our planning authorities, and as importantly our Local Authorities, is essential if we are to succeed in maintaining the momentum that will fund nationally important projects like “Housing for All” and the decarbonisation of our electricity grid using our untapped off-shore energy resources.”

– Ends –

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