14th April 2020

Fáilte Ireland Wellness and Mental Health Supports

Fáilte Ireland, has launched two new supports initiatives to to the Irish hospitality and tourism industry  ‘I Am Here’ Rapid Response service will be delivered in partnership with PulseLearning, while more formal supports to those who need it, will be provided through a partnership with Inspire Workplaces via  the confidential ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ which can be accessed free. 

The suite of supports launched by Fáilte Ireland are in response to the changes and challenges around how we work, posed by COVID-19.

The wellness based supports are designed to help the tourism and hospitality industry through this difficult time, on both a professional and personal level.

‘I Am Here’

Fáilte Ireland, in partnership with Kerry-based PulseLearning, is offering the I Am Here: Rapid Response service to the Irish hospitality and tourism industry. This is a programme of mental health support and learning within the workplace and beyond, to empower employers and employees to have courageous conversations about mental health.

Compassionate connection and conversation are at the heart of the programme. The courage, confidence and skills to have these conversations are achieved through a continual learning and support programme, empowering people to signpost existing help and support services in the workplace or community to those in need.

‘I Am Here’ recognises that people want to connect to their fellow team members to get the help or support they may need, especially during times of crisis. This programme enables your team members to signpost existing services to those who need it. To access this service, visit  the ‘I Am Here Tourism Arena’ via this link:

Employee Assistance Programme: Counselling and support

To provide more formal supports to those who need it, Fáilte Ireland has partnered with Inspire Workplaces to offer free and confidential access to an Employee Assistance Programme. This is available widely to business owners, employees and people who are self-employed in the industry. Inspire Workplaces offers wellbeing supports and counselling services as well as advice on financial concerns and legal issues, and has a wealth of experience of supporting organisations and employees at times of crisis across Ireland. Through a Freephone Helpline, offered 24/7/365, businesses and employees can access this full range of services:

Freephone Helpline on 1800 201346 

You will need to quote Fáilte Ireland when accessing the service to ensure the services are provided to you free of charge.

Visiting and on the homepage, click the purple ‘Sign Up’ icon, top right. Where prompted, enter your company PIN which is unique to Fáilte Ireland: OFIHUB!

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