22nd February 2024

EY to host ‘Generative AI: Now. Next. Beyond’

EY will host a GenAI event on March 01 at The Strand Hotel, Limerick from 07.30 to 09.30.

With the power to transform both customer and organisational processes, Generative AI is leading to an exciting time of innovation.

Join EY on Friday, March 01 at The Strand Hotel, Limerick as they host “Generative AI: Now. Next. Beyond.” with guest speakers Barry MacNamara, Dell Technologies; Dr.Fiona Gilchrist, Jaguar Landrover; Prof. Stephen Kinsella, UL and AI Advisory Council of Ireland and Mike Webster, DCCplc and EY speakers Paul Pierotti, Dr. Susie Harding and Peter Bolger.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to experience demos of live use cases of AI tools which are transforming the way organisations’ work.

Registration is required:

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