6th December 2023

ESB Networks – Beat The Peak

Beat the Peak Business is now live!

You may have heard of the Beat the Peak Business initiatives (Beat the Peak Commercial Active and Beat the Peak Commercial Daily) that ESB Networks ran across winter 2022 and summer 2023.  ESB Networks are re-launching a new version of this scheme for commercial electricity customers and specialised energy management companies to provide flexible capacity to the Irish electricity network called Beat the Peak Business.

Eligible commercial electricity customers can play their part in reducing their demand when the margin between electricity supply and generation is low, and can get paid in return for doing so.

The scheme is now live and runs until March 2025 with the possibility to extend into summer 2025.
To apply for Beat the Peak Business please log in to etenders here and search for RFT 243565, where you will find instructions on how to apply, and all the contract terms and tariffs.


What is Beat The Peak Business?

ESB Networks’ Beat the Peak Business is a demand response scheme where eligible commercial electricity users can get paid to reduce their electricity demand between 4:30pm – 7pm, during the service window, on business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Peak electricity demand typically occurs between 5pm – 7pm Monday to Friday. During this time, because there is greater need for energy, Ireland is likely to be more dependent on imported fossil fuel to meet electricity demand, making the peak period particularly expensive and carbon intensive.

Eligible commercial electricity users will be asked to reduce their electricity demand on a daily basis or as often as they can, during the service window for the duration of the scheme.

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