14th December 2023

Ennis Public Realm Works Drop-in Clinic

Since ‘Ennis Public Realm Regeneration Project B’ commenced in October, contractors Shareridge have made good progress on Upper O’Connell Street, but this is a short section and road closure affected a limited number of premises.

Activity to Ramp up in January

Activity ramps up from January 8th, with the closure of most of O’Connell Street and High Street.  Thus, a Stakeholder Clinic has been arranged next Monday December 18th to which businesses located in the affected area are urged to send  a representative. This drop-in clinic is the last opportunity for traders and the general public to meet the contractor in advance of commencement of works.

Drop-in Clinic in advance of works on O’Connell Street and High Street

Shareridge, Clare County Council, and the Project team will attend the Drop-in Clinic


Location: Temple Gate Hotel

Date: Monday December 18th

Time:  11.30am to 13:30am

This is a significant opportunity to meet the site team and to discuss arrangements with regard to the planning of the works, to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum during the works, and that everyone’s needs are facilitated wherever possible.

Follow this link for details about which areas, in what order will be affected from January 8t, 2024

Ennis – Invitation to Stakeholder Clinic

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