24th November 2016

Ennis Launches Revitalisation Health Check


Ennis Launches Revitalisation Health Check

Ennis Chamber of Commerce and Clare County Council have formed a new partnership to revitalise and rejuvenate Ennis Town Centre for businesses, tourists and our local community. The aim of this partnership is to develop a vibrant and competitive business offering which attracts people to the town centre.

As part of this initiative, a Health Check is being organised to gather data from local retailers and shoppers to improve Ennis for the better. In addition, information on vacancy levels, car parking provision and pedestrian accessibility will also be gathered.

Councillor Ann Norton, Mayor of Ennis, hopes that this programme will “reap positive rewards for the people of Ennis and will ultimately lead to the formulation of an agreed Town Centre Management Strategy. I am delighted to see Clare County Council and Ennis Chamber working together to enhance overall vitality and viability and ensure that our historic town survives and thrives for future generations.”

President Jean McCabe of Ennis Chamber & Brian McCarthy, Senior Planner, Clare County Council mutually praised the new joint venture noting that the Health Check will raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the critical role Ennis plays in our local economy and the wide-ranging impacts it has. It’s vitality, vibrancy and viability has an overall socio-economic, environmental and cultural impact on the quality of life for citizens and visitors.

It is anticipated that the Health Check will raise important issues in which Ennis Chamber and Clare County Council, in unison, is committed to solving for the betterment of the local community. Ennis Chamber calls on local citizens and businesses to complete the Health Check when distributed by Ennis Chamber staff.

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