19th March 2021

Ennis gets €5.39million Investment Funding

The Government this morning (March 19, 2021) announced it is to commit €4,042,793 under its Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF), to develop the historic town centre of Ennis.

Ennis Chamber welcomes news of this investment and acknowledges the additional €1,347,598 allocated to this public realm project by Clare County Council, taking the total combined investment to €5,390,391. The funding will be used for public realm works on O’Connell Street, O’Connell Square, Old Barrack Street, Barrack Square and Bank Place.

Ennis Chamber members participated in the public consultation meetings organised by Ennis Municipal District around planned works for Barrack Street, Barrack Square, O’Connell Square and Bank Place, and in general feedback was very positive. However, some businesses raised concerns around the number of parking spaces to be displaced in order to accommodate these works. Ennis Chamber understands that the Ennis 2040 Plan, due to be launched this year, will include a parking solution for Ennis town centre. Ennis Chamber will lobby to ensure that is the case.

Improved Public Realm
The funding announced today will be used for public realm works at O’Connell Street, O’Connell Square, Old Barrack Street, Barrack Square, Bank Place and High Street. With a significant Parnell Street/ Laneways and Bow-ways Public Realm project already underway, the additional funding will, in time, result in a huge improvement across the town centre and will be a welcome facelift for the town.


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