23rd August 2020

Ennis Chamber Welcomes Statement on the Temporary Covid-19 Town Centre Mobility Plan


In response to a request from Ennis Chamber for a clarification statement on the purpose of  the Temporary Covid-19 Town Centre Mobility Plan, Clare County Council has issued a strong statement to that effect.

The press statement re-iterated the Temporary Covid-19 Town Centre Mobility Plan was introduced solely in response to Covid-19 and in line with Government guidelines on social distancing, stating:

The statement read,  “During the Covid-19 pandemic it is essential to deliver measures to support residents, the business community and all citizens to access Ennis town in a safe, socially distanced environment as the town centre is characterised by narrow streetscapes and interconnected lane-ways with restrictive footpath widths.

Ennis Municipal District formed a stakeholder group comprising representatives from businesses, the community and the wider public sector to set objectives and to review the operation of the various elements of the plan in line with Government guidelines around social distancing. The remit of the stakeholder group is specifically and only for the purpose and duration of the Covid-19 crisis.”

Importantly, Clare County Council also confirmed, “the Temporary Covid-19 Town Centre Mobility Plan for Ennis is not intended to be a permanent measure. The Council confirms that if, in the future (and outside of Covid-19), there is any proposal around permanent pedestrianisation of any streets in the town, this would be subject to full public consultation.”

Directional Signage and Parking 

Addressing Ennis Chamber’s on-going call for the introduction of improved directional signage across the town, Clare County Council confirmed, “31 directional signs are now being installed on the inner relief road. This work is being undertaken to improve way-finding, particularly for visitors to the town.”

With regard to ongoing efforts to provide parking to the rear of ‘The Cloister’, Clare County Council confirmed it has secured the use of the GAA/Cloister Car Park, which will be operational in the coming weeks once the relevant equipment has been installed and the site is prepared.”

This will provide approximately 100 car parking spaces. Clare County Council thanked both Clare GAA and Patrick Keogh for allowing Clare County Council to use their property to provide additional parking on a temporary basis during the Covid-19 crisis.



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