21st April 2016

Ennis Chamber welcomes introduction of incentive schemes for ratepayers

Ennis Chamber President Jean McCabe welcomes the adoption by Councillors of the Rates Payment Incentive Scheme and Long Term Vacant Property Incentive Scheme at the April Monthly Meeting of Clare County Council.

Commenting on the schemes, Ms McCabe said “Commercial Rates is an ongoing issue for businesses.  In discussion with Clare County Council last year, I had supported the idea of incentives to encourage the rejuvenation of vacant units which have been left idol for a number of years.  In our subsequent meetings with Clare County Council in relation to Budget 2016, we had also requested that businesses in payment plans be included in rebates.  We welcome these incentive schemes and look forward to working with Clare County Council on other initiatives.”

The Long Term Vacant Property Incentive Scheme seeks to encourage the renewed long-term rateable occupation of commercial properties that have previously been occupied for rates purposes, but which have most recently been unoccupied for over two years.

The scheme provides for a grant payable in relation to the first three years of occupation as follows: First Year (75% of rates payable subject to €3,750 maximum), Second Year (50% of rates payable subject to €2,500 maximum) and Third Year (25% of rates payable subject to €1,250 maximum).

The Rates Payment Incentive Scheme features the payment of a grant to the occupier of a property when all the rates payable on an occupied property have been discharged on time. The first half of the rates payment is due at the time the rates bills are issued in quarter one of the year, while the second half is due on July 1st. The grant will be provided where all rates due are paid by the end of August.

The scheme also provides flexibility to accommodate established payment plans or new payment plans that have been agreed in writing with the Council on or before July 31st 2016, which provide for the clearance of all the rates due by December 2016 and where the rates outstanding are actually cleared in line with the payment plan.

The Scheme features the following incentives: Former Ennis Town Council Area (Lower of 5% of 2016 Rates Cost or €250), Former Kilrush Town Council Area (Lower of 6% of 2016 Rates Cost or €300) and Former County Council Area (Lower of 3% of 2016 Rates Cost or €100),

Queries to or to the Revenue Department of Clare County Council on 065-6821616.

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