5th June 2020

Ennis Chamber Welcomes Back ‘Phase Two’ Businesses

Ennis Chamber is confident that our member businesses who will re-open their doors for business on June 8th are as prepared as they can be to ensure the safety of their customers, against the backdrop of COVID-19.

Over the past 12 weeks, many business owners, in the spirit of true entrepreneurship availed of opportunities to train and to be mentored, to give themselves a fighting chance of survival.  Some also set about improving and expanding their online offer, building a strong ‘click and collect’ and online offering, thereby coming out of this lockdown period with a changed business model. That agility and willingness to make changes should bolster not only their survival chances, but their ability to attract new customers.

The Merchants of Ennis

Ennis Chamber President Allen Flynn said, “Phase Two of the government’s roadmap to re-open business and society will see our independent retailers re-open their doors on Monday June 8th.  They are traditionally amongst the leaders in our town, constantly introducing change and upping their game. Their creativity animates our main streets, with their engaging shop window displays. They will help ensure more life returns to our streets. It will feel like a real milestone has been achieved once they re-open their doors and we can then look forward to ‘Phase Three’ and the re-opening of cafes and restaurant to add another layer of vibrancy to our streets”.

Ennis Chamber CEO, Margaret O’Brien added, “Most of the businesses re-opening on Monday have been closed 12 weeks, since March 15th.  None of us could have predicted  how this pandemic could bring our whole economy to a shuddering halt. However, we can’t drop our guard after all of our sacrifices.  The important thing now is to keep those safety standards high to help avoid any future spike. We know our members are totally focussed on creating a safe, sanitised shopping space, but shoppers can rest assured that they will receive the same, traditional warm Ennis welcome.”

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