23rd November 2016

Ennis Chamber Community Employment Scheme

The Ennis Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce its involvement in the rejuvenation and regeneration of the Ennis West Community Garden. After a period of dereliction and degradation, the outdoor staff of Ennis Chamber enthusiastically embarked on a comprehensive rectification of this community space which involved deep cleaning, replanting and reflooring of the garden area to beautify and encourage the local community to make the area a focal point in its dealings. The aim of this transformation project is to encourage the inhabitants to establish organic community gardening and be a social point for people to meet and catch up.  A huge thank you has to go to our 7 general operative staff who have work tirelessly on this project under the Supervision of Michael Guerin & Craig Moloney CE Scheme supervisors. A big thank you has to go to the Ennis Tidy Towns Committee for their help and guidance also.

Before                                                        After

poly-tunnel-before-2             polly-tunnell-stage-3

For more transformation pictures please follow the link below


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