27th May 2024

Ennis Chamber calls for ambition and vision from Local Government and MEP candidates


Ennis Chamber calls on Local Government and MEP candidates to be ambitious with their vision for the long-term growth and prosperity of Ennis and County Clare.  

National development in housing, energy, transport, water and grid infrastructure has been too slow and the decades of neglect has created crucial deficits that are hindering our economic development.

Ennis Chamber President Sheila Lynch said, “Our competitiveness is being challenged by housing shortages, energy costs, skills gaps and the failure of the planning system to adequately facilitate the development of key infrastructure.

She added, “We need Councillors and MEPs with long-term views on how to maximise the opportunities available to us and defend against challenges that will arise over the coming years.

This requires proactive, visionary and ambitious representatives that will take accountability and ensure delivery of the infrastructure we need for the future.”

Diarmuid McMahon, Head of Ennis Chamber Policy Group also calls on candidates to be ambitious in their vision. “Ennis needs support to reach its potential. For our residents we need to create local economic opportunities, enhance social cohesion, improve their quality of life, all of which will lead to a greater sense of belonging and pride of place. While for businesses, it will help attract visitors and investment, and encourage further innovation and growth.

This is why we need proactive elected representatives at all levels that understand the challenges facing us, and have the ambition to catalyse radical social, economic and environmental change for our future prosperity.”


At a Local Authority level, we call on Councillor candidates to:

  • Foster safe, thriving and inclusive towns across our county, that are attractive places for our growing population to live, work, visit and invest.
  • Build more homes and streamline and support the planning system to ensure essential infrastructure development can progress.
  • Take action to maximise the opportunities associated with the green transition in relation to green energy and sustainable transport.

At an EU level, we call on the MEP candidates to:

  • Deliver a robust EU Industrial Strategy for Renewable Energy.
  • Ensure a globally competitive Europe that facilities trade across the world.
  • Reduce the regulatory burden facing businesses.
  • Ensure EU investment is identified and rolled out across the country for vital regional development.
  • Eradicate obstacles facing the single market and the free movement of goods, capital, people and services.
  • Develop skills strategies for growth in green and digital technology sectors.

Call to vote

Ennis Chamber CEO, Margaret O’Brien added, “Ennis Chamber congratulates the candidates who have put their name forward for election, it takes courage to do so.  We encourage everyone eligible to vote to please use their voice on polling day, Friday, June 9th.

We also call on businesses to support employees by making time available to them to vote.”








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