30th January 2019

Ennis Book Club Festival Window Display Competition


Ennis Book Club Festival Window Display Competition

Ennis Book Club Festival committee has called on shop owners in Ennis to get into the spirit of the festival by entering the ‘book themed window display’ competition, held on the week leading up to the Festival which runs from March 01 – 03.

The competiton will be run in collaboration with the Clare Champion. As a committee member remarked, “Even putting up posters and a couple of books in the window helps generate an atmosphere around the town – and for that competition entrants will get two free tickets to a Festival event.”

But, the retailers of Ennis can do better than that! In a town renowned for great merchandising, a creative take on the theme is eagerly anticipated.

The EBCF programme is now available on the festival website and the printed version and posters are available in the library, at glor, Ennis Chamber and other outlets.

This year the festival will provide a number of small boxes of used books that festival visitors can browse and take books from. If you are a cafe or restaurant owner, and you would like a box of books, please contact EBCF on: Tel. +353 87 972 3647 or Email:

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