17th November 2020

CRSS claims now open

CRSS UPDATE:   Revenue confirm eligible businesses can make a claim under CRSS from today, Tuesday 17 November 2020



A qualifying person who carries on a business activity from a premises located in a region that is subject to Covid-19 related restrictions can make a claim for payment under the CRSS if:

  • the business is required to prohibit or considerably restrict customers from accessing its premises under the Covid restrictions
  • the weekly turnover from the relevant business activity in the claim period will be no more than 25% of the average weekly turnover in 2019 (or in the case of a business activity which commenced on or after 26 December 2019, the average weekly turnover of the business in 2020),
  • the eligible business has tax clearance for the relevant claim period and intends to resume trading after the Covid restrictions are lifted

While not required to be submitted with a claim, supporting documentation to demonstrate eligibility should be retained as Revenue may request such information to substantiate CRSS entitlement at a later date.

For further information, follow this link:

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