25th June 2020

Chambers Ireland Webinar SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure on July 01


Chamber Ireland’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) webinar series  continues on Wednesday July 01, with the third in the series focusing on  SDG Goal 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

Hosted by Sinead Hickey of Abbott, speakers are Kenny Deery, Galway Chamber and Joe Gallagher, Department of Communication Climate Action and Environment.

Click here for registration & further information:

As with all of these SDG webinars, the start time 1:15 pm – until 2 pm

The 5-part series will continue on July 8th with Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, and will conclude on July 15th with Goal 5 – Gender Equality.


Background to SDG Goals

Launched in September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals are the new KPIs for the planet to 2030, and they position business as a vital partner to achieving sustainable development.The Global Goals presents Irish business with a new framework that will inform the design, delivery and communication of their sustainable and responsible business practices. Irish business needs to have articulated position on the Global Goals as stakeholders (be they government, customers, employees, civil society) will increasingly demand it. Ireland played a notable role in their design, with David Donoghue, Ireland’s Ambassador to the UN together with Kenya, acting as key negotiators.

What is the business case for aligning with SDGs?
Companies that understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the Global goals will gain a real competitive advantage. Business leadership is emerging internationally on the Goals and many discussions are taking place within countries and within various sectors.


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