25th June 2020

Chambers Ireland pledges support to shop local – ‘Champion Green’ Campaign


Chambers Ireland has pledged to support the ‘Champion Green’ campaign, a powerful initiative that brings together business, makers, creativity & communities to help our country emerge stronger. 


A new national campaign has been launched to help drive the renewal of local communities and to reinvigorate local enterprise and economic recovery amid the Covid-19 crisis.

Champion Green aims to encourage the public to shop locally to help businesses in the community bounce back from the impact of the coronavirus.

The new campaign is supported by Kilkenny Design and Visa, in association with Chambers Ireland, Retail Excellence, and the Small Firms Association.

Marian O’Gorman, the creator of the campaign and Kilkenny Design’s CEO, said the country needs to get behind Irish brands and businesses, and use local services, for the sake of jobs and national prosperity.

She added, “Spending €20 per week in local shops could save businesses and local communities all over the country.

“ If every Irish adult citizen spends €20 a week in the local economy for 12 weeks, that will give €875m to the local economy. That will save jobs and that will save businesses.”

The advertising and public information campaign for ‘Champion Green’ provides a digital hub of resources for businesses and service-providers to show that they are locally owned or employ locally, and to call out products and brands designed or made in Ireland.

Pledge your support at

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