CBA: Best Green & Sustainable Practices

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  • Clare Business Excellence Awards 2021

    Best Green and Sustainable Practices

    Sponsored by Rengen Power

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  • Entry Criteria

    This award is open to businesses small or large, from across all sectors that demonstrate meaningful commitment to the implementation of green and sustainable practices within the organisation.
    Applicants to this category are required to demonstrate a proven commitment to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible business decisions to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.
    This award is independently judged by written submission. Judges will look for evidence of elements of the following:
    • Details of specific steps your business has taken to be more environmentally friendly
    • A proven commitment to green procurement
    • Has better environmental performance led to improved resource efficiency/ direct cost savings?
    • Has a commitment to green practices improved access to customers?
    • How the business exceeds customer expectations.
    • Does your organisation’s commitment to Green Practices help you attract and retain talent?
    The judges’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into before or after judging.
    Once a company is announced as finalist, it cannot withdraw from the competition.

    Guidelines for Submission

    You should aim to type no more than 1500 words in total. You may attach up to three pieces of supplementary evidence, such as photographs to your submission.

    Deadline & Fee

    Application to be received on or before August 23rd, 2021
    Entry Fee of €50 payable per category. Applicants will be invoiced on receipt of entry.

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