3rd July 2015

Car Parking Charges Ennis

Car Parks


1 hour location

Market Place Car Park                                         €1.30 for 1 hour

Mon-Thurs 09.30-17.30

Fri-Sat 10.00-18.00


3 hour locations

Abbey Street Carpark
Bindon Street Carpark
Cornmarket Street Carpark                                  €1.30 per hour
Francis Street Carpark(Friary CP)
Friars Walk Carpark
Lower Market Street Carpark                              Mon-Sat 09.30-17.30
Parnell Street Carpark
Woodquay Carpark


4 hour locations

Kilrush Road Carpark                                         €1.30 for 4 hours – min. fee 20 cent
New Road Carpark                                             Mon-Sat 09.30-17.30


8 hour location

Glor Car Park                                                     1 hour free parking

€3.90 for 8 hours

Mon-Sat 09.30-17.30


8 hour location

Cloughleigh Carpark                                         €2.60 for 8 hours

Mon-Sat 09.30-17.30

1 hour free parking




1 hour locations

Bank Place
Barrack Street
Cabys’ Lane                                                       €1.30 for 1 hour
Carmody Street
Considine Terrace/Old Mill Road                     Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00
High Street                                                         Minimum fee 20 cent
O’Connell Street
O’Connell Street Upper


Abbey Street Loading Bays – 11.00-18.00





1 hour location

Market Place                                                        €1.30 per 1 hour
Market Roundabout                                             Minimum fee 20 cent
Lower Market Street                                            Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00

Saturday 10.00-18.00



2 hour locations

Abbey Street
Bindon Street
Buttermarket                                                         €1.30 for 2 hours
Dalcassian Drive
Francis Street
Gort Road                                                             Minimum fee 20 cent
Harmony Row
Limerick Road
McNamara Park                                                   Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00
New Road
Newbridge Road
Cottage Gardens
Station Road
Lifford Road (Kellys Corner)
Turnpike Road


4 hour locations

College Road                                                       €1.30 for 4 hours
Mill Road                                                            Minimum fee 20 cent
Drumbiggle Road                                                Mon-Sat 09.00-18.00

Cloughleigh Road

Simms Lane

McHugh Villas

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