21st March 2019

Brexit and Certs of Origin Up-date

Brexit and Certs of Origin Up-date – Chambers Ireland recently received an update from colleagues in the UK stating that because UK HMRC do not currently require Certs of Origin for goods arriving in the UK coming from third countries, they are not likely to require Irish goods arriving in the UK post-Brexit to be accompanied by a Cert of Origin.

No-Deal Scenario

However, in the event of a no-deal, client companies in the UK may request a Cert depending on their individual needs (re-exporting etc). This applies vice versa. Irish companies whose supply chain contains UK components may also need to apply for a Certs – this will depend on the needs of and requirements in the country of destination.

In addition, companies using a Documentary Letter of Credit to finance shipments may be requested by the relevant bank to obtain a Certificate of Origin too.

Chamber members who have questions about whether or not they will need a Cert of Origin are advised to examine their supply chain, check the requirements of destination third countries and also speak to their client/importer as to their own requirements.

Withdrawal Agreement

In th event of a Withdrawal Agreement Scenario, the status quo will continue as normal for the duration of the transition agreement.

Future Trade Deal

In the event of Future Trade Deal a trade agreement between the UK and EU in the future, preferential movement certificates will likely be required but in Ireland, these documents are issued by Revenue, not Chambers.

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