19th October 2017

BOOM ? – Coming to glór







By Isobel Mahon

The hit comedy/drama, directed by Caroline FitzGerald


Claudia Carroll: Fair City

Rose Henderson: Fair City, Father Ted

Isobel Mahon: Glenroe, The Clinic

Maria McDermottroe: Glenroe, Killinaskully

Karen Egan: The Nualas   


Selma Mae Isobel Mahon seems to have the perfect life, beautiful home, children, architect husband.. but when Carmel Maria McDermottroe, her social climbing mother arrives to help her to organise a party to launch her new state-of the art extension, it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

As the motley collection of guests arrive, glamorous neighbour Chloe, Claudia Carroll, tough-talking sister Maeve Karen Egan and the eccentric Bernie, Rose Henderson  disaster ensues and the perfect fasade, not to mention the extension itself, begins to crumble.

BOOM? is a comedy set at the height of the mythical economic boom, the people who live the fantasy and those who fall through the cracks, hopefully into something more real and more sustaining.

Click on Link for all details :  Boom Poster – Glór


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