9th November 2015

Business Opportunities for Members


Rita Mc Inerney has returned to Ennis Chamber as CEO.  Thanks and credit is due to Alec Fleming in his role as Interim CEO during the year.  The Ennis Chamber Executive recently created a number of sub-committees to empower the individual Business Sectors within the Chamber Membership.

The sub-committees are:

  • The Industry and Trades Action Group, chaired by Mr. Ronan Dillon of Micro-Semi
  • The Retail and Services Action Group, chaired by Ms. Michele Madden of Madden Furniture
  • The Professional Services Action Group, chaired by Mr. William Cahir of Cahir & Co., Solicitors.

Chamber members interested in getting involved in the individual Action Groups, or have any specific points for these specific committees, are asked to contact Rita McInerney on or 085 888 1855.

Promote Ennis has been active for several years in the area of tourism and leisure and is chaired by a member of the Ennis Chamber executive Mr. Brian O’Neill of Rowan Tree Bar Café and Hostel.

The Professional Services Action Group is looking at prospect of hosting a series of Professional Education presentations.  The format will be one, two or three speakers in a forty five window on a relevant topic, followed by coffee.  The aim is to impart knowledge to the members and also allow for the opportunity for business owners to meet each other.  Members in the Services Area such a banking, accounting, legal, human resources, web design or marketing for example who have an interest in giving a presentation to members on a topic that will be of benefit to members, please contact Rita McInerney on 085 888 1855 or

Other members are invited to make suggestion for presentations in an area of interest.  These business-to-business presentations will then be open to every Chamber Member to attend for the benefit of their business.

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