19th April 2024

GHR Consulting to host 3-part talk on critical aspects of HR Management


On Thursday May 2nd, Ennis Chamber members and HR specialists, GHR Consulting, will host an informative and comprehensive three-part talk focusing on critical aspects of Human Resource Management: HR Compliance, Financial Wellbeing, and Staff Recruitment & Retention.

This event, to take place in the Clayton Hotel Galway promises to provide valuable insights and strategies to optimise these key areas within your organisation.

HR Compliance: Understanding and navigating the complex landscape of HR regulations and compliance requirements. Our expert speakers will delve into essential topics such as employment laws, best set up for managing staff , and best practices for maintaining compliance in your organisation.

Financial Wellbeing: Exploring strategies to promote financial wellness among employees, including budgeting tips, retirement planning, and managing debt. Our financial experts will share insights on how organizations can support their employees’ financial health, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

Recruitment & Retention of Staff: Addressing the challenges and opportunities in attracting, hiring, and retaining top talent. From effective recruitment strategies to building a positive workplace culture, our speakers will provide actionable advice to help you strengthen your workforce and reduce turnover.

Terence Morgan (GHR Consulting) Niall Rooney (CityLife Financial Planning) and Paddy Glynn (EBS Mortgages)

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Additional Information

Light refreshments will be served during the event, and there will be opportunities for networking and Q&A sessions with our speakers.

GHR Consulting believes that this three-part talk will offer valuable insights and practical strategies that can benefit HR managers and business owners.


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