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Why Ennis?

Ennis is a vibrant town with a population in excess of 23,000 and ideal for your business.

Amidst all the talk and hype about the Information Age, there is one location that is truly digital – a place where it really is faster and cheaper to breakdown distance, to render the world a global village and where the people already live in and operate the information age. At work and in play, Ennis is the first place on the planet to be blanketed with a completely integrated information age technology infrastructure. Our schools and homes have become the best equipped on the globe as part of the world’s largest community and business technology project. Our industry benefits from both the most extensive and advanced telecommunications infrastructure and a workforce with a unique exposure to and familiarity with Information and Communication Technologies

A Beautiful Place to Work

If the commercial advantages of Ennis are obvious for information technology companies, the lifestyle choices will be just as attractive for prospective employees. This is a town of immense and intimate charm, with a narrow streetscape and historical buildings whose protection has been central to recent urban renewal programmes. Within minutes of the town, the spectacular scenery of the rugged Atlantic Coast and the limestone wonderland of the Burren accommodate rare flora and fauna alongside opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Pollution – free rivers and lakes offer accessible fishing and boating whilst there are 30 golf courses within one hour of the town. You can even acquire membership at host venues for European Tour and Senior Tour events. Ennis boasts three swimming pools and leisure centres along with facilities for field and team sports

Skilled workforce, qualified for e-commerce and software business

  • 9,000 third level graduates annually from regional colleges
  • Training agencies, schools programmes and business supports ensure high levels of relevant skills amongst non-graduates
  • 83% of households have PCs. Ireland’s largest IT training programme for home users – householders have either sat usage tests or undergone training. 4,300 people trained in one year in eleven training agencies
  • 5,200 students with e-mail addresses and access to all of the tools of the information age. Next year will see the emergence of school children graduating with the most intensive exposure to information age technologies in schools almost anywhere in the world
  • 42% of the population under 25 years of age


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