Ennis Chamber - In business for Business



The mission of Ennis Chamber is:

  • to promote and support the economic well-being of local businesses, in particular that of its members
  • to create a dynamic business climate in which entrepreneurial flair can flourish
  • achieving a consensus for the strategic development of the town as an attractive place to do business, live and visit


  • Ennis Chamber sees the town and its environs as a dynamic and profitable commercial and leisure hub where:
  • business investment and innovation is supported by educational excellence and quality business
    support services
  • the town, and its environs, secures its position as a national retail and leisure destination
  • the town, and its environs, is a centre for investment in research and development, environmental technologies, renewable energy, cultural tourism, outdoor pursuits and the arts
  • the town has a comprehensive infrastructure of internal and external roads, rail links, water supply, waste water facilities, energy capacity, and broadband network
  • the town becomes a centre for the regeneration of the West and Mid-West, as a counterbalance to the economic power of Greater Dublin
  • it is understood and agreed, in the community at large, that sustainable lifestyle opportunities and the attractiveness of Ennis as a place to live and work, are underpinned by a successful and profitable business sector
  • the natural and built environments are protected and developed to their full potential

In working towards its vision for the town, Ennis Chamber will be:

  • a working partnership of business and professional individuals dedicated to the growth and positive development of the business environment in the area of Ennis and its immediate environs
  • a critical catalyst for energising and vitalising the stakeholders in the region to achieve continued business growth, to attract inward investment in the area, improve educational opportunity, and to promote the area to potential visitors.
  • an effective leader in unifying all its stakeholders to maximise the potential of the Ennis area as a dynamic and profitable place to do business.


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