10% Off All Screening Packages

Leeuwenhoek Health Screening

World Health Day (7th) | Ireland’s Workplace Wellbeing Day (13th)

LEEUWENHOEK encourages disease prevention and promotion of wellness in the local businesses. During April ’18 they offer 10% off all screening packages to Ennis Chamber Members and their employees.

Good health of employees improves business’ productivity and solidarity in the community. Proactive disease prevention is a win situation for everyone! Go to to find out more.

To avail of this promotion, you need a redemption code. Email for the code.

Leeuwenhoek Health Screening

Professional Services

Leeuwenhoek offers health screening by age/ gender, or by disease/ condition, or tailored to your specific needs. Blood taking, laboratory testing and analysis all happen in-house in compliance with strict quality and competency standards and regulations. Customers receive a personal report that contains a meaningful interpretation of results in plain English. No waiting times, open early mornings and Saturdays, no need for doctor’s referral.

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