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February Offers from LEEUWENHOEK

January 30th, 2018 by Ennis Chamber

Heart Health Month February – Heart Health Month 15% OFF on cardiovascular Heart Disease Health Screening. Our heart needs love and a healthy lifestyle. We highlight the benefits of knowing your risks of heart disease and how to prevent it. Because nobody knows what they got until they get checked.  Offer ends 28 Feb’18







World Cancer Awareness Day4 February – World Cancer Awareness Day 15% OFF Prostate and Ovarian Cancer Screening Awareness, Prevention, Detection & Treatment! We all have the power to take action to reduce the impact of cancer in our lives, our families and our communities. Offer end 28 Feb’18







Eating Disorders Awareness26 Feb-4 Mar: Eating Disorders Awareness 15% OFF Nutrition Health Screening. Healthy eating vs eating disorder: Sometimes healthy living is not what it appears to be. Raising awareness about our perceptions of food, body image, and what “healthy” really looks like vs the seriousness of eating disorders. Offer ends 4 Mar’18.

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